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Festival of Research: Drones, beer brewing and science show

Saturday 26th April the Faculty of Engineering invites you to the Festival of Research at Campusvej in Odense where you can fly drones, take a closer look at beer brewing (including tasting) and see a live science show. There will also be the opportunity to become an engineering student for a day.

Drones are swarming all around us but they are more than just a winged toy. They can also be used for research, which you can learn more about at the Festival of Research. At Campustorvet drones will be demonstrated live and you can see and touch drones in many different sizes and - if you're lucky - fly one.

Beer brewing and Science Show

Historically there is a lot of research hidden in beer and new methods of brewing are still being discovered. Researchers and students invite you inside for an explanation of how chemistry, biology and technology come into play in the brewing of beer. You can take a closer look at some of the equipment used in beer brewing, smell the raw ingredients and have a taste of good beer.

It's all about surging flames, magnetic guns and exciting electrical experiments when the students present their science show live. Here you will get an insight into how physics and chemistry terms like thermodynamics, static electricity, wave physics and electromagnetism actually work.

Electric racing car and training robot

Get up close to a real racing car with an electric engine which the engineering students have built and use in races against other universities. Take the chance to look under the bonnet, learn how to make a racing car even faster or have your picture taken in the car.

Take the opportunity to dance with a robot that in the future will be able to work with humans. You can contribute to its development by trying out our training robot and allowing the researchers to film your movements so they can make a robot which can work with humans.

Student for a day

If you would like to be an engineering student for a day you have the opportunity on 25th April from 12pm-3pm. You will get to meet the engineering students, hear more about the study programme you are interested in and get a guided tour in the new Faculty of Engineering.

The Festival of Research 2015
Time and place: Saturday 25th April, 11am-4pm, Campusvej 55, Odense

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