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Morten Østergaard Andersen

Nanofunctionalised 3D scaffolds for tissue engineering. Andersen MØ. Advances in Delivery Science and Technology (Springer) 2016
Chemical surface functionalization of bulk poly (p-phenylene sulfide) yields a stable sulfonic acid catalyst. Zwettler N, Engbæk JS, Lundsgaard R, Paranowska I, Nielsen TE, Clyens S, Christiansen J, Andersen MØ. Reactive & Functional Polymers 2015;88:47-54
Spatially controlled delivery of siRNAs to stem cells in implants generated by multi-component additive manufacturing. Andersen MØ, Le DQS, Chen M, Nygaard JV, Kassem M, Bünger C, Kjems J. Advanced Functional Materials 2013;23(45):5599-5607
siRNA nanoparticle functionalization of nanostructured scaffolds enables controlled multilineage differentiation of stem cells. Andersen MØ, Nygaard JV, Burns JS, Raarup MK, Nyengaard JR, Bünger C, Besenbacher F, Howard KA, Kassem M, Kjems J. Molecular Therapy 2010;18(11):2018-2027
Surface functionalisation of PLGA nanopaarticles for gene silencing. Andersen MØ, Lichawska A, Arpanaei A, Rask Jensen SM, Kaur H, Oupicky D, Besenbacher F, Kingshott P, Kjems J, Howard KA. Biomaterials 2010;31(21):5671-5677

Martin Hedegaard

Novel sparse feature selection methods identify unexpected global cellular response to strontium-containing materials. Autefage, Helene; Gentleman, Eileen; Littmann, Elena ; Hedegaard, Martin A.B.; von Erlach, Thomas; O'Donnell, Mathhew; Burden, Frank R. ; Winkler, David A.; Stevens, Molly M., PNAS, 112, 14, 4280-4285.
Characterization of Porcine Aortic Valvular Interstitial Cell ‘Calcified’ Nodules.  Cloyd, K. L., El-Hamamsy, I., Boonrungsiman, S., Hedegaard, M. A. B., Gentleman, E., Sarathchandra, P., Colazzo, F., Gentleman, M. M., Yacoub, M. H., Chester, A. H. & Stevens, M. M. PLoS One, 2012, 7, 10
Spectral Unmixing and Clustering Algorithms for assessment of single cells by Raman Microscopic Imaging.  Martin Hedegaard, Christian Matthäus, Søren Hassing, Christoph Krafft, Max Diem and Jürgen Popp. Theoretical Chemistry Accounts, 2011, 130:1249–1260.
Discriminating isogenic cancer cells and identifying altered unsaturated fatty acid content as associated with metastasis status, using k-means clustering and PLS-DA of Raman maps.  Hedegaard, Martin A.B. ; Krafft, Christoph ; Ditzel, Henrik ; Johansen, Lene Egedal ; Hassing, Søren ; Popp, Jürgen. Analytical Chemistry. 2010, vol. 82, nr. 7, 26/02/10. s. 2797-2802
Label-free identification of lipid and protein areas at the nano-meter scale on single cell.  Richter, Marc ; Hedegaard, Martin A.B. ; Deckert-Gaudig, Tanja ; Deckert, Volker. Small 2011, 7, No. 2, 209–214

Eva Arnspang Christensen

Easy measurement of diffusion coefficients of EGFP-tagged plasma membrane proteins using a MatLab code for k-space Image Correlation Spectroscopy. Arnspang EC, Koffman JS, Marlar S, Wiseman PW and Nejsum LN. Invited review in Journal of Visualized Experiments May 2014 10;(87)
Single molecule applications of quantum dots. Rasmussen TE, Jauffred L, Brewer J, Lagerholm BC, Oddershede L and Arnspang EC. Invited review in Journal of Modern Physics 2013
Multicolor Single Particle Tracking with Quantum Dots. Arnspang, EC, Brewer J and Lagerholm BC. PLOS ONE 2012;7(11)
Basolateral Membrane Proteins are Sorted into Different Post-Golgi Carriers Based on their Sorting Signal. Arnspang EC, Sundbye SG, Nelson WJ and Nejsum LN.PLOS ONE 2013 Sep 18;8(9)
Sub-diffraction positioning of a two-photon excited and optically trapped quantum dot. Jauffred L, Kyrping A, Arnspang EC, Reihani SNS and Oddershede L. Nanoscale 2014 Jun 21;6(12):6997-7003

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