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 Eva Arnspang Christensen

  • Diffusion coefficient of protein AT1R. Live cell imaging used as tool to measure speed of proteins in cell membrane.
  • Single particle tracking. Quantum dots used as stain for single particle tracking in live cells.
  • Super-resolution microscopy. Super-resolution map of protein AT1R in fixed cells.
  • Domains in membranes. Detection of domains in membranes using imaging, pair correlation and spectroscopy.

 Martin A. B. Hedegaard

  • Raman imaging of cells. Label free imaging of single cells to map lipid distribution
  • Raman spectroscopy for materials characterisation  Characterise biomaterials and interaction with Raman micro spectroscopy
  • Development of chemometric methods for spectroscopic imaging Develop and apply pre-processing of Raman data to Raman images
  • Raman imaging for tissue Using Raman micro spectroscopy and imaging to characterise tissue/material interactions label free.

Morten Østergaard Andersen

  • Solid lipid drug delivery. Develop drug loaded solid lipid systems and study drug release, cellular interaction and function.
  • Multi-cellular tissue engineering. Use multilineage differentiation of stem cells to engineering complex tissue transplants.
  • Drug loaded implants. Develop and test new drug functionalized bone, cartilage or cardiovascular grafts
  • New 3D printable materials. Develop new materials for additive manufacturing

Last Updated 14.08.2023