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Food Technology


Development and optimization of food and feed processing are important in relation to nutritional and health quality, sensory and functional quality, energy consumption and to economy and environmental impact. New raw materials appear from plants and aquatic organisms and new food ingredients can be produced from natural sources.

New process technologies emerge and should be investigated for their potential in relation to various food products. Both in relation to new raw materials, new food ingredients and implementation of new technologies processing should be optimized .

Knowledge and understanding of the changes in chemical composition, biochemistry and microbiology during processing is important in order to obtain the desired quality of the end product and the most optimal processes.

 The research interests are:

• Processing related to changes in chemical composition in the food materials
• Processing and relationships to functional properties
• Processing and relationships to microbiology
• Processing of aquatic raw materials
• Food quality and food quality management
• Concentration and purification of food ingredients

Last Updated 13.06.2024