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Selected publications

A novel mathematical modelling of waste biomass decomposition to facilitate rapid methane potential prediction. 2019. Vazifehkhoran, A. H. & Triolo, J. M. Journal of Cleaner Production. 220, 1222-1230.

Techno-economic analysis for the production of novel, bio-derived elastomers with modified algal proteins as a reinforcing agent. Bochenski, T., Chan, W.Y., Olsen, B.D., Schmidt J.E. 2018.  Algal research 33, 337-344.

Process Simulation and Economic Assessment of Hydrothermal Pretreatment and Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Multi-feedstock Lignocellulose - Separate vs Combined Processing. 2017. Ashraf, M.T.,  Schmidt, J.E. Bioresource Technology 249,  DOI: 10.1016/j.biortech.2017.10.088.

Co-ensiling of straw with sugar beet leaves increases the methane yield from straw. 2017. Larsen, S. U., Hjort-Gregersen, K., Vazifehkhoran, A. H. & Triolo, J. M. Bioresource Technology. 245, 106-115.

Optimization of lignocellulosic waste biorefinery using multi-actor multi-objective mathematical framework. 2016. Ashraf, M.T., Torres, A.I., Cybulska, I., Fang, C., Thomsen, M.H., Schmidt, J.E. Computer Aided Chemical Engineering 38, 1317-1322.

Optimised biogas production from the co-digestion of sugar beet with pig slurry: integrating energy, GHG and economic accounting Energy. 2016. Boldrin, A., Baral, K. R., Fitamo, T. M., Vazifehkhoran, A. H., Jensen, I. G., Kjærgaard, I., Lyng, K-A., Nguyen, Q. V., Nielsen, L. S. & Triolo, J. M.  Energy. 112, 606-617

Biogas production within the bioethanol production chain: use of co-substrates for anaerobic digestion of sugar beet vinasse. 2015. de Souza Moraes, B., Triolo, J. M., Pulido Lecona, V., Zaiat, M. & Sommer, S. G., Bioresource Technology. 190, 227–234

Near Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy for rapid determination of Biochemical Methane Potential of plant biomass. 2014. Triolo, J. M., Ward, A. J., Pedersen, L., Løkke, M. M., Qu, H. & Sommer, S. G. Applied Energy. 116, 52-57

A new algorithm to characterize biodegradability of biomass during anaerobic digestion: Influence of lignin concentration on methane production potential. 2011. Triolo, J. M., Sommer, S. G., Møller, H. B., Weisbjerg, M. R. & Jiang, X., 13 sep. Bioresource Technology. 102, 9395-9402.

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