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User Perspectives

The Research Group of User Perspectives aims to:

  • Give a voice to users of the health care system– patients, healthcare professionals and citizens – in research, education, and innovation within the healthcare system.
  • Identify the users’ experiences of illness and health, and to integrate this knowledge in clinical practice and in research.
  • Generate knowledge so to create the best conditions for users to make decisions about their own treatment and health, when facing the health care system

This is achieved by working with user perspectives in the healthcare systems’ service delivery, including:

  • Taking the users’ perspectives into account when planning an intervention or a research project
  • Focusing on vulnerable and marginalized people in their encounters with the healthcare system
  • Involving users in planning, implementing, and evaluating research projects
  • Giving users a voice in planning, developing, and evaluating the healthcare system; including general practice, hospitals, and community-based interventions
  • Involving users in planning and executing health educations

Last Updated 23.05.2024