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The Occupational Science Research-group

We do that by:

  • Exploring people’s occupation in social, material, and cultural contexts of everyday living 
  • Contributing to and developing theory and methods to understand and explain the transactional interplay between occupation, health, and everyday living 
  • Developing, testing, evaluating, and implementing occupation-based and/or occupation focused ssessment instruments and interventions to promote health in different populations 
  • Contributing with occupational perspectives regarding human health and everyday living in social- and health care interventions 
  • Collaborating with citizens and other relevant stakeholders across social- and health care sectors 

Our research draws upon:

  • Occupational Science and occupational therapy and everyday life theory based in understandings of human health as related to engagement in occupation
  • Anticipations of meaning-making taking place through occupation in everyday life 
  • Understanding human occupation as socially and culturally situated and changing in time and place of everyday living
  • Understanding and using occupation as both means and ends

We have research programs and projects within the following overall areas: 

  • Occupation, activity/action, and co-occupation as means for promoting change and health and minimising social inequality
  • Activities of Daily Living (ADL) in persons with chronic conditions 
  • Human occupation, life-phases, development and learning
  • Everyday living with life-threatening illness (eg. cancer and neurodegenerative diseases), rehabilitation and palliative care
  • Lifestyle, social occupation, health promotion and prevention

Our research cuts across the human lifespan of children, young people, younger and older adults and the elderly and across different condition and disease trajectories. The research relates to health promotion and prevention, treatment, habilitation, rehabilitation and palliative care primarily directed at the Danish healthcare system.

Last Updated 21.06.2023