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Four-year agreement with publishing company Wiley

After a lengthy negotiation process involving representatives from Universities Denmark and university libraries on the one hand and the scientific publisher Wiley on the other, a four-year agreement has been reached between Wiley and Danish institutions from 2022 to 2025.

The second of its kind in Denmark, the agreement is largely reminiscent of the agreement reached with publishing giant Elsevier last year.

The main points of the agreement are:

  • The price of the journal subscriptions is fixed for the entire period and based on the 2021 price.
  • Full read access to the Wiley Journal Collection continues for contracting parties.
  • The contract ensures that publications made by Wiley can be published with immediate Open Access for the publishing version with a CC-by licence by researchers who are covered by the contracting parties, provided the researcher is a corresponding author.
  • There is an annual limit of 1,110 published OA articles.
  • The agreement does not include publications in Wiley’s gold OA journals, i.e. fully open access journals.
  • The contract ensures permanent access to 100% of Wiley’s portfolio (gradually earned; if an institution withdraws from the contract during the term of the agreement, permanent access is earned as follows: Year 1-2 = 50%, Year 3 = 75%, Year 4 = 100%).

In 2020, SDU published 78 articles in hybrid Wiley journals. In addition to publishing open access, the agreement with Wiley means that SDU achieves a saving of more than DKK 1.7 million compared to having SDU researchers pay for the APCs themselves.

Please direct any questions about the agreement to the Licencing Office at SDU at tel. (+45) 6550 2632 or by email at

Read the press release from Universities Denmark here.

Editing was completed: 22.02.2022