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IT Security

Enhanced IT Security: Upgrade of servers for electronic resources on August 22, 2019

In consultation with IT-service and the Library Committee, it has been decided to introduce login to electronic materials from campus and from OUH to increase IT security.

By Licensing Office, , 8/12/2019

On Thursday, August 22, access to the library's electronic resources will be down in just a few minutes at noon, as 2-factor authentication must be implemented on the server controlling the login.


The implementation increases IT security around access to our electronic resources. The system behind the 2-factor verification will only be activated if it is assessed that there is an increased risk of abuse.


The login image will look like this in the future:


Therefore, as employees or students of SDU, you must click on "Login University of Southern Denmark". As of Thursday, August 22, your username will be your entire SDU email address, just as you know it from access to SDU's other systems, such as Blackboard.

If you are an OUH user, select "Login Region South Denmark", and if you are an external, business or privately financed PhD student, you must log in via the login box on the right.

Questions or comments

If there are any questions or comments about this, please contact the Library Licensing Office on phone 6550 2632 or email - We will be ready to assist you.

Editing was completed: 12.08.2019