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Donation of books to ’Engineers Without Borders’ – with more to come

A small group of library staff have compiled a list of books within STEM. These are donated to Engineers Without Borders - Denmark, an NGO that is affiliated with SDU (Tech Faculty).

By Pernille Hahn, Katrine Jacobsen, Daniella Deutz, Lone S. Madsen and Thomas Kaarsted

The 142 books are headed for Kenema in Sierra Leone. Here EWB is supporting a boarding school for girls and women with a focus on teaching within Technology and Natural Science. IUG also supports a technical university in the same city. Below you can see a photo of the boarding schools (now empty) library.

The books donated are older but current books that are about to be replaced by new editions. The donation is part of the SDG work at our library. SDU Library plans to donate books again to EWB-DK again in 2022.

For further reading on ‘Engineers Without Borders’:

Editing was completed: 08.12.2021