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The library in itslearning

A new library course room in SDU's itslearning platform.

35685 users are now assigned to the university library's new library course in SDU's itslearning platform. We are very pleased to be given the opportunity to be present online where the students are.

The course room “SDU Bibliotek” is designed as an online self-paced course, where the students at their own pace can acquire relevant knowledge and information regarding the library. Hence there are no assignments, tests, or deadlines to be submitted or complied with. Plus, the format provides access from Odense as well as Osaka, when of course you are able to log into itslearning.

Content is built up around three sessions, we have experience for that students ask for during their studies.

  • Searching literature via the library systems.
  • References and using a reference system.
  • Systematic search strategies with use of search techniques.

In addition, the course contains embedded digital elements from the library, so that there is easy access to the university library's online systems, database list and course calendar.

In itslearning the course will by default be available to all day students, incl. students at HD and Master, as well as teachers and administrative staff.

Editing was completed: 13.04.2021