Important dates


1 February - Apply for admission

The application for a Bachelor's programme in Denmark, must be sent through the national application system: Coordinated Enrolment System (KOT). The system opens on 1 February:

If you upload your application between 1 February and 15 March, noon - your application will get assessed in either quota 1 or 2, as long as you fulfill the given requirements.

Have you applied before 15 March, noon, but only want your application be handled in quota 1, please contact

Are you applying after 15 March, noon - ONLY applications qualified for quota 1 will get assessed.

Check out the details about:

29 February - Open Day in Esbjerg

SDU is open daily and you are always welcome to stop by.

Esbjerg, 29 February

Check out our Baschelor and Master programmes

15 March - Application deadline

You have to apply before 15 March, noon, if you...

  • have a non-Danish qualifying examination
  • want to get assessed on other qualifications than your GPA
  • want to apply for a programme that is known for requiring a high GPA and you are not sure to be able to make it with your GPA
  • do not have a qualifying examination but you fulfill other comparable requirements for the programme you want to apply for. Check out the information about special permission
  • have finished an admission course for Engineering programmes and want to apply for a Bachelor of Engineering.
  • want to apply for a programme that requires an entrance test as part of the entry requirements  
  • are an applicant from a country outside EU/EEA/Swiss and not residing in Denmark
  • are resident in Denmark without a permanent residence permit/visa 

All applicants coming from a non EU/EEA country have to pay tuition fees.

Find more information about:

18 and 19 April - the aptitude test (uniTEST)


(when applying via quota 2)

Most applicants will have to sit the uniTEST (multiple choice test) which is generel for the entire university and takes place on 18 and 19 April 2020. You will have to take the test on premise at the University of Southern Denmark or by remote proctoring.

Find more information about the uniTEST here.

Some of the programmes require special tests or interviews in connection with the aptitude test. Some applicants have to take the special test on the very same day as the uniTEST others have to wait one more month for another test day.

5 July - Deadline to upload missing documents

Finishing your Secondary High School Diploma in summer 2019? Or supplementary courses?

Remember to upload the following documents to your application on before 5 July, noon:

  • final diploma
  • documentation about supplementary courses
  • language test results
  • documentation from school about taking a make-up examination to finish your qualifying examination (your acceptance will be conditional on you finishing and passing your upper secondary high school diploma)
5 July - Deadline to reorder your priorities

You can change the order of your priorities until 5 July, noon.

Reordering your priorities takes place via Enter your application once more and prioritize your programmes as you prefer them to be.

28 July - Answer to your application

You will receive a final answer to your application on 28 July.

The offer or rejection to your application can be found on the Admission Self Service.

28 July - 2. round with available seats opens
6 August - Deadline to confirm your spot

Remember to confirm your spot no later than 6 August.

You loose your spot if you do not confirm in time.

Confirm your spot via the Admission Self Service.

15 August - Deadline to receive a standby offer

Your standby spot will be converted into an approval for the following academic year, if you have not received an answer yet.

Check out the information about standby spots.

31 August - Deadline for sending the very last documents

Have you taken supplementary courses or a language test after 5 July? Remember to upload the diploma/transcript before 31 august.

Upload the documents to Admissions SDU.

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