Department of Mathematics and Computer Science


The researchers at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science are all highly specialized within their respective fields. Our scientists work to create knowledge about algorithms, discrete lattice field theory, optimization, computational mathematics, mathematical analysis, data analysis and statistics. We cooperate with other fields of research at the SDU and with researchers around the world about both pure and applied research.

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science is home to the Laboratory for Coherent Education and Learning, where we develop further training and education for teachers in collaboration with regional partners.

We also host the SDU eScience Center where cutting-edge cloud technology and computational power through the supercomputer ABACUS 2.0 is developed and maintained


We offer a variety of study programmes within Mathematics, Computer Science and Didactics:

  • Bachelor's degree programmes in Applied mathematics, Computer science, Mathematics, and Mathematics-Economics.
  • Master's degree programmes in Applied mathematics, Computer science, Data science, Mathematics, and Mathematics-Economics
  • Master's degree programme for working professionals in Computer science
  • Professional Master programmes in Science teaching and Mathematics
  • PhD programmes in Computer science, Mathematics, Statistics, and Science and Mathematics Teaching

Cooperation with businesses

Corporate life also benefits from our knowledge, and we collaborate with several Danish tech companies, both regarding development of new technology and with the SDU Talent Fellowship.

The fellowship creates the contact between skilled students and companies with the need for student workers. This way we help providing skilled employees to the companies involved.