Department of Biology

You may study everything on how organs are structured to big-scale ecological processes and global climate changes. We cover subjects in molecular, cellular and developmental biology, physiology, ecology, evolutionary biology, environmental and conservation biology, sound communication and animal behavior.

We have around 300 students at the Department. As a student you take courses in biology subjects and combine lectures with laboratory exercises and field excursions. The program focus on active learning and you participate in research under supervision of faculty staff throughout your studies.

We have cutting-edge knowledge in a variety of biology areas and cover fundamental and applied research. Research areas include: Earth evolution, Ecology, Ecotoxicology, Ecophysiology, Evolutionary Biodemography, Sound communication and behavior

Faculty and students at Department of Biology develop collaborative networks both within and outside the Department as they conduct research. These collaborative efforts foster the sharing of ideas, techniques, and technologies, thereby greatly increasing research potential and productivity. 

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