The Faculty of Humanities

The Faculty of Humanities at SDU offers both more recent, commercially oriented courses of study and traditional academic subjects. We have more than 55 different programmes: ranging from International Business Communication, Speech Therapy and American Studies to Design Culture, Comparative Literature and History.  

Given that we in the Faculty of Humanities believe it is our task to contribute to the development of society and the corporate world, we are in close contact with the world around us.

We are at the forefront of research in a number of fields, and our research environments make it their priority to integrate with, and make a contribution to society at large: through direct cooperation and knowledge exchange with both private and public sector companies, organisations, consultancies etc. and through dissemination on TV, radio, online and in every form of printed media.   

In recent years we have been doing our utmost to improve our efforts to obtain external funding. As part of this drive, we have established a Faculty Research Support Committee, consisting of the Faculty’s foremost researchers, aimed at attracting funding and experience from both national and international research councils.

Fortunately, thanks to our expert researchers, our efforts have proved fruitful. In one of the recent Danish Council for Independent Research/Humanities rounds we acquired no less than about 25% of the funds and achieved a success rate of 20% as compared to the average of 8%.

In the spring, competing against some of the leading universities of the world and 1,693 applicants, our pure research centre, the Centre for Medieval Literature achieved a score of 100% and joint first place when applying for a Marie-Sklodowska Curie Individual Fellowship.

Most recently, the research group, Welfare Narratives was awarded a Niels Bohr Professorship by the Danish National Research Foundation.     

Currently, humanistic research environments and humanistic academic programmes in Denmark are facing some exciting challenges. In the Faculty of Humanities at SDU we will do our best to ensure that both pure and applied research, and both commercially oriented and traditional academic programmes continue to prosper in the future, thereby enriching the outside world.

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