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NiSE webinar den 6. marts 2024


Velkomst ved webinarets moderator Connie Svabo, Forskningscenter for Naturvidenskabelig Uddannelse og Formidling, SDU


Oplæg ved professor emeritus Per-Olof Wickman, Institut for matematik- og naturfagsdidaktik, Stockholms Universitet:
Aesthetics, interest and meaning-making in science education

In my talk I present an approach on how the constitution of interest in a school science topic may be empirically studied as it happens in classrooms and how a teacher may support its development. With this aim I introduce two operationalizations, namely aesthetic experience (1) as aesthetic judgments and (2) as taste. These concepts mainly stem from the investigations of John Dewey, Ludwig Wittgenstein and Pierre Bourdieu. Central is the enactment of continuity of (1) positive feelings and a sense of beauty with (2) learning to cope with the objects of a school science (conceptually as well as manually) and (3) with a sense of agency and belonging. Examples are given from classrooms.


Diskussion i breakout rooms. Per-Olof Wickman er velkommen til at være med i et breakout-room


Diskussion i plenum


Oplæg ved Professor Connie Svabo, leder af Forskningscenter for Naturvidenskabelig Uddannelse og Formidling, SDU:
Visual Methods: taking a look at experiences of STEM education

The talk situates visual methods in a paradigm of qualitative research, provides practical examples, and offers inspiration for exploring experiences of Science and Mathematics education through visual methods. Visual methods provide opportunities to work in multifaceted ways with human experience, including emotional and sensory dimensions. Based on my own work and that of colleagues, four examples of working with visual methods are presented: We will have a look at pupil drawings in a design-based research project of mathematical modeling as interdisciplinary practice in lower secondary school, photo elicitation as a way of inquiring into the experience of university Mathematics, visual essay as a hybrid genre with the capacity of working with nature-culture ambiguity and poster prototyping for communicating and sharing emerging research projects in university Math and Science Education


Diskussion i plenum


Opsamling og tak for i dag

Arrangører af NiSE-webinarer

Connie Svabo, professor og centerleder, FNUG
Martin Krabbe Sillasen, forskningsleder og vicecenterleder, CESE/NAFA
Gitte Miller Balslev, lektor på FNUG og centerleder af CESE/NAFA  


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Per-Olof Wickman

Connie Svabo

Sidst opdateret: 17.04.2024