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You take courses within two principal areas, both of which focus on two primary areas of expertise:

  • Controlling, which gives you insight into advanced auditing and accounting theories, methodology and techniques for use in both national and multinational companies, and supply chains. The courses focus on giving you the tools to provide value-creating consultancy to the business community in these areas.
  • Business understanding, which enables you to assess and use IT systems for managing activities and resource consumption in the private sector. You also receive knowledge of operational tools for resolving problems in the areas of production control and financial control. This will enable you to take a development-oriented approach to corporate strategic development.


As a master’s graduate, you can look forward to upgrading your qualifications to become an internal auditor or controller for a medium-sized and large manufacturing or service company and eventually to qualify for a position as CFO/manager.

Language Requirements

Applicants with an international qualifying exam (also applicable for Danish nationals) will need to have passed Danish level A, Higher Education Examination (studieprøven) with Danish as second language, or be able to document Danish language skills equivalent to this level.

Nordic applicants will need to document their respective language Norwegian/Swedish/Finish/Icelandic at a level equivalent to a Danish level A.

Restricted Admission

There is restricted admission to this programme.  If your application is to be considered, it is important that your application and relevant supporting documents are received before the application deadline.

Please be aware of that any legal claim for admittance, will cease to exist, if the applicant applies after the application deadline.