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Change of programme

Apply for change of programme if:

  • You have passed parts of a programme but now want to switch to another, academically related programme.
  • You expect that you can get a credit transfer for the entire first year of studies in the new programme as it is organised at SDU.  


Application deadline

  • 1 March: Study start on 1 September 
    (Open for applications from 1 January. You will receive a response to your application no later than 1 August)
  • 1 November: Study start on 1 February
    (Open for applications from 1 October. You will receive a response to your application no later than 20 December) 

In the event of a change of programme, you do not participate in the regular admission process of the programme. 

The applications are processed on an ongoing basis, and any vacant study spots are allocated as the applications are processed. It is therefore an advantage for you that you apply as soon as possible.


Conditions for applying for a change of programme:

In order to be able to switch from one programme to another, it is a prerequisite that:

Before you apply for a change of programme, it is a good idea to compare the structure of your current programme with the new programme as it is organised at SDU. 

If you do not expect to be able to get a credit transfer for the first year of studies, you must not apply for a change of programme but instead for regular admission to the programme. If you are admitted to the programme, apply for starting credits.

If you are in doubt about whether you can get a credit transfer for your first year of studies, it is a good idea to apply for both regular admission and change of programme.

The number of vacant study spots varies from programme to programme and from one year to the next, and there may be no vacant study spots.

You can see an overview of which entry requirements you must meet, on the programme page at
In all Bachelor and Bachelor of Engineering programmes, there are quota 1 grade requirements, but only quota 2 grade requirements must be met when you apply for re-enrolment. Only the programmes Pharmacy, Clinical Biomechanics and Medicine have quota 2 grade requirements. 


Go to the application portal


Change of main subject/profile and elective subjects

If you want to change 'profil'e or 'main subject' within the same programme, you must apply to your study board for permission to change.

If you want to change your 'elective subjects/minor subjects' or switch from a 'one-subject' to a 'two-subject' education programme or vice versa, you must apply within three weeks of starting the part of the programme from which you want to switch. 

You must send your change request to Optag via SPOC.

If you want to switch after the first three weeks, you must instead send an application to your study board.


Switch from part-time programme to the same programme full-time

You must apply for admission again if you attend a part-time programme and would like to switch to the same programme full-time – no matter how many courses you have already passed. 

If you are admitted, you must subsequently apply for starting credits for the courses you passed in the part-time programme. 

Read more about switching between part-time and full-time programmes.

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