Cultural negotiation processes by Muslim migrant patients in clinical settings in Denmark

Back ground

The growing diversity of patient populations presents an increasing challenge for the delivery of quality health care in the Danish health system. In addition, a growing number of patients have migrated from conflict zones and experienced extended periods of accumulated stress with multiple traumas.

The aim of the project

The project wants to explore and understand the complexity of negotiations between Muslim migrant patients and medical staff within the Danish clinical setting.

Since most of the patients come from the Muslim world the project wants to explore, how the negotiation between the patient, the health care staff and the Danish health care system regarding gendered "Muslim" body and space-management looks like.

The project also wants to explore how the research results can be translated into daily practices of clinical settings to increase patient/medical staff satisfaction.

The project outcome

  • Develop further existing successful concepts for patient diversity management at the Migrant Clinic in Odense, such as training modules for "ethnic patient" coaching and guidelines for doctor-patient conversations.
  • Test the concepts feasibility for "ethnic patient" coaching at the Charite University Hospital in Berlin


Work package leader: Annabelle Boettcher, Professor, Center for Contemporary Middle East Studies


Dietrich Jung, Center for Contemporary Middle East Studies
Morten Sodemann, Professor, Clinical Department
Dorthe Nielsen, Professor, Clinical Department

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