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Project objective

Drones have enormous potential in the health care sector, where they can help deliver samples quickly and easily from one place to another. They will mean not only better, faster treatment for patients, but can also help relieve health care staff of routine work and reduce overheads within a number of areas within the sector.

We know from experience in other countries which have more relaxed air traffic rules that there is massive potential here, which is nowhere near being used to full effect at this time.

The HealthDrones project will therefore help pave the way for the use of drones more effectively in Denmark and other western countries.


Project results

The project will:

·         Document the many benefits from using drones within the health service.

·         Develop new drone technology able to make access to drones for the sector easier.

·         Boost existing research and innovation networks working on health care drones, and disseminate project results.



Work package leader: Kjeld Jensen, Associate Professor, The Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Insitute



Annmarie Lassen, Professor, Department of Clinical Research.

Mikkel Brabrand, Clinical Associate Professor, Institute of Regional Health Research

Jens Søndergaard, Professor, Department of Public Health, General Practice
Frans Boch Waldorf, Professor, Department of Public Health, General Practice

Last Updated 28.09.2018