Digital Data Processing: Building operational insights for product development and organizational learning

The aim of the project

 Many businesses are aware of the need for new skills and processes when it comes to managing and processing data. This project will help industry, policy makers and researchers to develop better practices in data management and analysis.

The project will together with LEGO work ethical harvesting and analyzing digital consumer data in order to develop valuable insights for product innovation and organizational learning.

The project outcome

  • Develop a mixed methods perspective to retrieve and analyze data on digital consumer behavior.
  • Establish ethical guidelines for retrieving, managing, and using digital consumer data.
  • Demonstrate operationalization of mixed methods digital analyses for a business context.


Work package leader: Gry Høngsmark Knudsen, Associate Professor, Department of Marketing & Management.


Anette Grønning, Associate Professor, Department for the Study of Culture
Arthur Zimek, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

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