The Open Biogas Platform

The aim of the project

To maximise the impact of a biogas plant, designers and operators need access to accurate measurements and predictions of methane yield, as well as cheap tools to monitor the reactor in real-time.

The first open data platform on biogas will contribute directly to improved efficiency and finances for biogas plants. The synergies available through open data, increased data mining and real-time monitoring have great potential to increase the production of renewable energy and the reduction of pollution for the benefit of society as a whole.  

The project outcome

  • An open database with methane yield and kinetics, which gives access to essential data for research, biogas plant design and operation
  • Algorithms for the processing of data and the prediction of biogas production and biogas substrate quality from limited information
  • Integration of the above-described tools in an interactive online platform that meets the needs of plant foremen, operators, educators and researchers
  • Pioneer and explore the potential for breath analysis technology (MCC-IMS), which is currently used by SDU/OUH for non-invasive disease detection (e.g., lung cancer, COPD) to be used in biogas reactor status prediction
  • Develop an open data mining platform to accurately and efficiently process biogas plant volatile organic compound (VOC) profiles to predict stability and performance
  • To develop new deep learning tools for ABACUS 2.0 to handle the massive big data challenge that occurs with VOC online screening in connection with plant data


Work package leader: Sasha D. Hafner, Associate Professor, SDU Biotechnology, Dep. of Chemical Eng., Biotechnology and Environmental Tech. Partners


Jan Baumbach, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.

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