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Collaborate on a start-up or spin-out

Be a part of a spin-out

Every year SDU founds a number of new companies—so-called spin-outs—for the development and maturation of a specific technology. A spin-out is an independent legal entity, where the owners can be outside investors, companies, researchers or any combination of the above.


Give your business that extra edge - collaborate with SDU on a start-up or spin-out 

At SDU Entrepreneurship Labs, your business will find a growing number of start-ups that are receptive to collaborating with business. 

The easiest way to meet with a student start-up is to participate in Company Meetup. For a few days, you swap out your corporate office for a school desk in Startup Station. 

This gives you the opportunity to network and exchange ideas with students. 

We also offer more formal collaboration between business and start-ups at the SpinIN Project

Contact the business developers at SDU RIO


Startup Univers

We have gathered SDU's startups in a universe, so you quickly can form an overview of the various startups. We update the list and content regularly, so you can read, how far the company is in the process, and what prices and funds they have received.


Startup Univers



Science Ventures Denmark A/S


Science Ventures Denmark A/S is a 100%-owned subsidiary of the university. Science Ventures Denmark enters into spin-outs on behalf of SDU. The university transfers ownership of the relevant intellectual property rights to Science Ventures Denmark, which then licenses the rights to the spin-out company. 

Science Ventures Denmark has over 10 years of experience with spin-outs. Over 30 companies have been created via the use of this business model. 

Read more about SVD