Working on innovation with students

Could your business benefit from fresh new ideas and a font of creativity?

Or are you working on a challenge you'd like to assign a new set of faces to?

We offer both shorter and longer duration processes where business exchange ideas with students on new solutions and innovation in the everyday work environment.

Take part in an Innovation Camp

SDU has an elite corps of problem-solving students dedicated to providing business with novel solutions to their daily challenges. 

Your business can attend Innovation Camp alongside our elite problem-solving corps and give them a specific task. They'll do their utmost to come up with a smart solution to your challenges. 

The duration of the camp can vary according to how much you want to accomplish. It ends with the students presenting you with their proposal for a solution.

Collaborating on innovation with students

Your business can also choose to participate in a longer-term process, where students from a number of educational institutions, including SDU, work together on an innovation project. 

You'll be assigned a small group of around 6-7 students. 

Over the course of a semester, the students work on exciting projects that often hold a lot of potential for the collaborating business. Read on further and sign up for the project. 

What's the advantage of participating?

  • New solutions and ideas for everyday challenges
  • An opportunity to familiarise yourself with potential new employees
  • The chance to work in depth on an issue and maybe arrive at that "aha!" moment.

Contact us

Would you like to learn more about the opportunities?

You're welcome to contact SDU RIO at or phone: +45 6550 2022. 

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