Hire an international student

Is your business looking for an opportunity to hire someone with an international background? 

Several thousand international students pursue a course of study at SDU. They have a variety of linguistic and cultural skills that can benefit your business.

Surveys show that business hiring international graduates from institutions of higher learning more often than not see improved productivityand that leads to increased growth.

Co-op opportunities, internships and Master's thesis collaborations

You have the opportunity to recruit an international student for your co-op opportunityinternship or project collaboration with the option of employment after graduation.

SDU has special preparatory programmes for international students, who take courses in Danish language and culture as well as the Danish job market before they enter the workforce in Southern Denmark. 

We maintain close contact with our international students through two projects: "Career in Denmark" and "Sønderborg Engineering Student". 

They're ready to make a difference in your business.

Contact us 

Are you interested in learning more about the opportunity to give your business more of an international flavour?

Or would you like help in finding students with a background that suits your business?

Contact SDU RIO via e-mail sdu-rio@sdu.dk or phone: +45 6550 2022. 

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