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Collaborate on innovation

Business and public authorities have several options for collaborating with SDU researchers on innovation projects both large and small.

For example, your business can develop new technology. You can also acquire a license for an invention

Get access to the university's facilities

You can use the university's facilities, such as e.g. Denmark's most powerful supercomputerAbacus, or the Drone Centre's testing area

We can also provide access to laboratories and analytical equipment.

For example, business have the opportunity to use the clean room at SDU Sønderborg.

Get advice about innovation projects

In the university's various research areas, innovation projects are carried out in a number of research disciplines, including drones, open data and public welfare innovation.

If your business has started an innovation project or would like to start one, there's a good chance SDU has researchers who possess specialised knowledge in your field.

Collaborate on research projects

If a business would like to exchange knowledge with a researcher about a specific research project, we'll help draft a non-disclosure agreement as the first step.

The agreement ensures that the business and the researcher treat the exchanged information confidentially. 

Contact us

Would your business or organisation like to collaborate on innovation projects with SDU?

Contact SDU RIO via e-mail to learn more about the various options. 

Last Updated 14.02.2023