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Collaboration with researchers

If your business would like to start collaborating with one or more SDU researchers, you have several options. 

Co-financed research 

A company can opt to co-finance a research project with the university. The research is then co-financed by the business, which has a strategic interest in the collaboration. 

The projects must be of scientific interest and relevancy for SDU.

The research project may be co-financed with public funding, such as e.g. the Innovation Fund Denmark (Innovationsfonden). The researcher shall retain the right to publish his own results. However, an agreement may be made to postpone publication until the business has protected the results.  

The business subsequently has the opportunity to purchase or license the university's share of the legal rights to the results yielded by the project.

Contract research

A business may also choose to pursue contract research, where the university carries out specific tasks on behalf of the company for a fair-market compensation. This is also called a CRO arrangement.

Publication is only done pursuant to an agreement with the business, which also has the option of prohibiting any publication. As a part of the contract, all rights to results obtained from the project are transferred to the business.

SDU also carries out public sector services, where researchers provide advice, conduct research or participate in public sector emergency action plans. 

For example, this includes the Retsmedicinsk Institut [The University of Copenhagen Department of Forensic Medicine] and the Statens Institut for Folkesundhed [The National Institute of Public Health].

Collaborate on research projects

If a business would like to exchange knowledge with a researcher about a specific research project, we'll help draft a non-disclosure agreement as the first step.

The agreement ensures that the business and the researcher treat the exchanged information confidentially. 

Contact us

Are you unsure which option best suits your business? 

Or do you seek a collaboration within specific research areas but aren't sure which researchers you should be contacting?

Contact SDU RIO via e-mail or phone: +45 6550 2022 and get more information or assistance to locate the right researchers. 

Last Updated 10.04.2018