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Corporate and strategic entrepreneurship

Developing insights and models that can help business managers take better decisions - by applying digital technologies and innovation strategies

Keywords and applications

Sustainability, disruptive innovation, business growth, strategy, corporate entrepreneurship

Business planning, innovation strategy, product and service development, market strategy, technology management


Based on our research in technology entrepreneurship and technology innovation, we have been developing insights and models that can help business managers take better decisions.
We have been studying how the entrepreneurial mindset and expert entrepreneurs’ strategies can be transferred to SMEs and larger organisations; with evidence from leading organisations, we have developed and tested decision-making frameworks to help managers cope with uncertainty and the unknowns.
At the same time, we have accumulated evidence and insights on how emerging digital technologies can generate opportunities for established players to diversify their businesses. We have engaged in discussions and developed cases with leading industrial players on how to respond to the digitalisation opportunities and challenges.
Combining innovation and entrepreneurship research insights, we can help our business partners seize the advantages of new technologies and global trends (such as SDGs) to identify what works and what does not work for them.


Develop an innovation platform strategy

 To compete in an open innovation context means partnering with start-ups, researchers and traditional competitors. Learn how to combine competition and collaboration to build innovation platforms around your products and services.
Rethink your business model: work with us to introduce the sustainability development goals in your business and generate new disruptive business models.

Re-ignite your business

Use the entrepreneurial mindset to identify how your innovation strategy can benefit engaging with start-ups to explore new business opportunities and emerging technologies.

Make the shift to services

Transitioning from a manufacturing product-centric to a service-based business model can be very challenging. We can work together to learn how to develop a servitisation strategy for your company.

Labs and Equipment

  • SDU MCI Innovation Lab offers the possibility to experiment with emerging technologies (VR / simulation / collaborative robots), as well as to use prototyping and other methods to explore and learn new innovation opportunities.
  • State-of-the-art computer equipment to run simulations and big-data analysis.
  • SDU Start-up Alsion space with technology-based start-ups and potential access to additional spaces for the incubation of technology innovation projects.
  • Access to Crunchbase data to identify new technologies, promising start-ups, and investing trends.


Kari Kleine
Assistant professor
SDU Technology and Entrepreneurship Innovation (TEI)
Department of Technology and Innovation

T +45 6550 1605

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