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MCI seminar abstract

MCI seminar: 11 December

"DTU Nanolab – from basic research to small scale production"

By Jörg Hübner, DTU Nanolab in Lyngby


DTU Nanolab has the mission to create value from research in micro and nano fabrication. To do that we have to be able to deliver through all TRLs i. e. offer small scale production capabilities ideally with a technological competitive advantage. The presentation will dive into how we approached this challenge and from a technical point of view highlight some examples that were stepping stones in supporting a nano fabrication industry in Denmark. 

Time, place & Zoom link

11 December, 14.00 - 15.00

The seminar will be held in room M201 and online via Zoom at campus Sønderborg.

Zoom link:

Host: Yogendra Kumar Mishra


To protect the environment, we only provide an online version of the abstract. Should you need to print it, you can contact Sabina Petersen to get a pdf version.

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Last Updated 28.11.2023