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MCI seminar abstract

MCI seminar: 11 April

Metal organic framework as advanced materials for hydrogen production

By Elham Chamanehpour, visiting researcher at NanoSYD

Metal organic framework as advanced materials for hydrogen production

Ms. Elham Chamanehpour
PhD student, Department of Environmental Engineering, University of Birjand, Iran
Presently visiting researcher - Smart Materials group, NanoSYD, Mads Clausen Institute
University of Southern Denmark


21st century’s  major challenge is the supply of energy for the modern industrial society, controlling and reducing pollution from fossil fuels. Discovering and expanding new energy sources to replace fossil fuels, including renewable energy sources, needs to be considered more than before. Meanwhile, environmentally friendly and renewable energy resources can reduce fossil fuel emissions, reduce greenhouse gases and overcome the energy crisis of the present century.

Hydrogen is the most viable option to replace fossil fuels. In my PhD work, I have developed the nanocomposites of g-C3N4@M/MOF for photocatalytic hydrogen production. The results of spectroscopic, microscopic, physical, elemental and photoelectrochemical analyses show that the synthesis of nanocomposites was successful. The hybrid nanocomposite exhibits high active surfaces, the capability of photon adsorption, high exciton separation efficiency, a proper bond structure and a synergistic mass effect and it contributes to good performance in hydrogen production. The two mechanisms of doping metals and core-shelling g-C3N4 with the MOF can help in developing advanced nanocomposites that are capable of desirable photocatalytic activity for hydrogen production. In this seminar, I will present a brief overview about what I have done so far and what I plan to do during my stay at Smart Materials group at MCI.

Time, place & Zoom link


11 April, 2 - 3 pm

The seminar will be held online via Zoom and physically in room M402 at campus Sønderborg.

Zoom link:

Host: Yogendra Kumar Mishra


To protect the environment, we only provide an online version of the abstract. Should you need to print it, you can contact Sabina Petersen to get a pdf version.

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