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Intro MCI Insights #3

Collaboration between students and enterprises - discover all the advantages

In this edition of MCI Insights, we are highlighting the numerous advantages of the collaboration between enterprises and students.

- For the Mads Clausen Institute and SDU, it is essential that our research forms part of our teaching, but it is just as important that our students feel that what they are taught in class is useful in the real world. At the same time, industrial collaboration represents sort of a quality assurance of our teaching. It simply provides us with better students and therefore industrial collaboration is extremely important to us. 

These are the words of Director of the Mads Clausen Institute, Professor Horst-Günter Rubahn.

And why is this important to you and your business? – Whether it is a matter of trainee periods, project collaboration, student jobs, semester projects or part of a bachelor assignment, you will strengthen your relation to the talents of tomorrow. You will gain insight into students’ professional profiles and thus be able to assess whom you might want to employ when they have graduated.  

Simultaneously, someone will look at your enterprise with fresh eyes. Students might for instance solve a specific task or dig into a challenge that would otherwise not have been prioritized. So, if you have a project draft collecting dust in your drawer, it might now be time for it to come into existence.

Our students are innovative and creative. The have strong professional skills and are enthusiastic. We promise that they will show up with great commitment; eager to try out their theoretical knowledge exactly within the business area of your enterprise.  

This newsletter covers examples of different types of collaboration between enterprises and students – from concrete examples to how you establish collaboration, and last but not least information about the coming Business Lunch with the very purpose to find the perfect match between enterprises and students.

Happy reading!

Horst-Günter Rubahn

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