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Collaboration with students

Student (left) and person from company (right) engaged in a conversation.

We educate engineering students in following engineering disciplines at our institute both at bachelor and master level:

  • Electronics
  • Mechanics
  • Mechatronics
  • Engineering, innovation and business

Find the complete overview of our study programmes and further details.

You have various opportunities for collaboration within semester projects, final theses and internships, or you can offer guest lectures, site visits and student jobs:

Collaboration within educational programmes at MCI

Semester projects/Experts in teams

Companies suggest a topic to student teams and co-supervise the progress. The topic shall match the curriculum. "Experts in teams" consists of 5th semester students teaming up from different engineering programmes. duration: 15 weeks.

Costs and commitment
Free of charge, sponsorship of materials or travel, supervision in various amounts is expected

Optional non-disclosure/IPR agreement

E.g. technology concepts, business models, prototypes, demonstrators

Bachelor and master's thesis

Together with  a student and an academic supervisor, companies define a topic for a thesis which is of academic relevance. Duration: 15 weeks

Costs and commitment
Free of charge, sponsorship of materials or travel

Contract with SDU, optional non-disclosure/IPR agreement

Thesis, including e.g. prototypes, demonstrators, business models


Companies offer students (6th semester, diploma/B.Eng.) an internship in their company: full-time, duration: 20 weeks. Requires an engineer to support the student in the company.

Costs and commitment
Internship: suggested monthly salary ≈ 14.000 DKK. Salary is not a requirement for the internship. on working hours and hourly rates.

Contract with SDU, optional non-disclosure/IPR agreement

According to internship agreement/contract

In-company project

Companies offer students  (3rd semester, M.Sc.) an in-company project related to academic topics: 2 days per week in the company, duration: 15 weeks. Requires an engineer or staff with adequate education (M.Sc. level) to supervise the student in the company.

Costs and commitment
Free of charge

Contract with SDU/optional non-disclosure/IPR agreement

According to project description approved by the academic study board

Guest lectures, site visits and others

Companies offer guest lectures, company visits or other formats such as innovation camps or presentations contributing to the education of engineering students.

Costs and commitment
Free of charge, sponsorship of travel



Student jobs

Companies offer student jobs (e.g. 8-10 hours/week) or full-time jobs via the SDU database

Costs and commitment
Salary agreement between company and student

Employment contract

According to contract

Semester schedule
Spring semester Oct - Dec   Jan  Feb Mar  Apr   May Jun 
 Semester projects  Proposal by 01-12   Project execution  
 Thesis  Contract by 01-02  Project execution  
 Internship  Contract by 01-01   Project execution

Autumn semester  Mar - May  Jun - Aug  Sep  Oct Nov  Dec 
 Semester projects/Experts in teams Proposal by 15-01     Project execution
 Thesis (only B.Eng.)/In-company project Contract by 01-09   Project execution


Collaboration leaflet

Get the different options for working together with the departments in Sønderborg black on white here.