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Organisation at SDU

The central employability effort is consolidated in SDU Research & Innovation Organisation (RIO) and consists of two teams the complement each other: 


Career learning and counselling

  •  Works close to and with students, so they through counselling, teaching and workshops acquire tools and learning to create their own career. 
  • Close contact with professional communities for the development of offers that support their needs.

Student entrepreneurship and business consultants

Has close contact with students to make them exploit the potential of being able to combine professionalism with enterprise and entrepreneurship. The team also focuses on establishing contact and cooperative relations between relevant companies – both regionally and nationally – so both academic communities, students and companies experience value-creating collaborations.

Independently and together, the two teams work to educate attractive students and graduates who are best suited to the future work life across all faculties and campus cities.

Due to the close collaboration, most of the employability activities that exist today are agreed upon and developed in collaboration with the academic communities. Many activities are an integral part of or closely linked to education.

SDU has established a structure for working with employability at an organisational level, which is not exclusively about the individual student’s goals but focuses on linking the students’ career considerations with employability skills. 

The organisation and efforts have resulted in significantly lower unemployment among graduates.

If you have any questions, please contact the head of department Jacob Krummes or the career counsellors


Last Updated 21.05.2019