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How SDU works with career guidance

How we work with career learning in classes

SDU works strategically with employability efforts across all faculties, and many studies have implemented the career subject, Career Management Skills (CMS), developed by the career guidance who also teach the course. 

CMS is an ECTS-covered course offered across SDU’s faculties. CMS is a part of educations on all five faculties. CMS if offered as both a compulsory subject, an elective subject and embedded in existing subjects.

Career Management Skills is a practice-related subject, where students train how to translate their core competencies into practical skills they can apply to the labour market. The themes of the teaching include various themes, but might be competence awareness, networking, job search, work-life balance, career strategy, the future labour market and completion of master’s thesis with external partners. 

The teaching is based on a reflexive practice learning based on Kolb’s learning cycle. 


Career Management Skills as an independent subject

Students can come across Career Management Skills as an independent subject in connection with e.g. a project-oriented course or internship.

Through CMS, we work with the individual student’s career development at two levels:

  1. The student receives career preparation teaching at SDU. Here the student acquires several tools from the career counsellor and experiences from other students. 
  2. The student tests the acquired tools in a practice context with external companies and organisations.

The lessons take place at SDU, where the student is presented with theories and exercises in career development. Between lessons, the student must test these theories and exercises in their internship. 

The student acquires competences in reflecting on how they become more aware of how to use their education. In addition, they are trained to see new opportunities for their education and reflect on what initiatives they can take to reach their goals. 

We examine students in different ways. It varies between active participation and oral examination. 


Career Management Skills as a part of the teaching

Career Management Skills as part of an existing subject is based on existing themes of the subject. The course is established in close collaboration between the subject’s lecturer, a career counsellor and in some cases a representative from a company. 

Through CMS as an integrated part of the lessons we work with career development at two levels: 

  1. The student receives career preparation teaching at SDU. Here the student acquires several tools from the career counsellor and experiences from other students.  
  2. Through exercises, relevant practice arenas and cases, the student trains how theories from the core subject are translated into competencies and skills to use in labour market contexts. The starting point is key academic themes such as storytelling, branding, communication and interaction. 

This way of working with the students’ career development provides a close collaboration between the academic community at the individual faculties and the career guidance – for the benefit of both parties. In this way, the lecturer communicates and implements methods and points from the career-supporting part of the class to the rest of the teaching.

In addition, lecturer is reminded to focus on career elements in the existing core competence. 
CMS as an integrated part of the class has similar features to what they call Extracted Employability on e.g. King’s College London. 

If there are any questions, please contact SDU RIO who is responsible for the central employability efforts at SDU.

Read more about how SDU’s career guidance has worked systematically on mapping megatrends and competencies that will characterize the future labour market. We call it SDU’s 21s-century skills

Last Updated 07.06.2019