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How can the Career Centre help you?

The Career Centre is the gateway of the business world to the University of Southern Denmark. Therefore, take contact with us if you:

  • Are interested in hearing about opportunities to work with your company's development projects through an Industrial PhD Project
  • Would like to contact researchers and academic environments working in areas relevant to your company
  • Would like to contact potential candidates for an Industrial PhD co-operation

We also offer:

  • Thorough knowledge of rules and procedures for the programme established by the Danish Agency for Science Technology and Innovation under the Ministry of Science, Innovation, and Higher Education
  • To be your support function in the non-academic aspects of the application process
  • To contact relevant faculties and departments and set up meetings with relevant academic environments

Industrial PhD – research and business

The Industrial PhD scheme is a research-based collaboration between the academic world and the business sector that can prepare your business for the challenges of tomorrow.

The Industrial PhD scheme is designed for companies that can support a three-year business-orientated research and development project.

The Industrial PhD student is employed by the company as a full time employee for three years. Salary is agreed between the Industrial PhD student and the company, but the company must pay at least the minimum PhD wage in accordance with the PhD Collective Agreement.

Several companies may work together to employ a PhD student.


The student’s tasks must reflect the links between the company’s project and the research course, i.e. the working hours are spent solely on the project and are shared equally between the company and the university. It is a requirement of the three-year PhD scheme that the student spends 50% of the total period in the company.


The objectives of the industrial PhD scheme are to:

  • Educate researchers and give them an insight into the commercial aspects of research and development
  • Build a personal network for the exchange of knowledge between companies and Danish/foreign research institutions
  • Promote the development potential of Danish businesses


The Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education provides a subsidy to private companies. The current subsidy is set at DKK 14,500 per month or DKK 522,000 p.a.

The company can also be reimbursed for expenses incurred for shorter or more extended periods in Denmark and abroad, residence at foreign universities and other project expenses.


The PhD student is supervised by a minimum of two supervisors, one from the University of Southern Denmark and the other from company. In special circumstances the university may appoint as external main supervisor someone not employed at the university, e.g. from a research sector institution. The student is appointed as a salaried employee in the company during the entire Industrial PhD project and shares his or her placement equally between the company and the university.

Further information

Contact the Career Centre for more information about the Industrial PhD scheme. You can find opening times and contact information here.

Visit the Danish Agency for Science Technology and Innovation website to learn more.

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