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Develop your business with an Industrial PhD student

Over a three-year period, your business gets access to a committed candidate and a research environment that can implement a high-quality research project and thereby create results that can develop your business commercially. Through the Innovation Fund Denmark grant programme, Industrial Researcher, it is possible for your company to apply for grants to cover part of the candidate’s salary as well as a variety of expenses for the project.

The course is supervised by a business counselor and a research counselor from the University of Southern Denmark.

Hire a research profile in the company

The Industrial PhD student is employed full time in the company for three years, on general terms of employment, and is at the same time enrolled as a student at the University of Southern Denmark. Working hours are fully used for the Industrial PhD project to prepare your business for future challenges.

The salary is agreed upon between the student and the company but must at least be equivalent to PhD salaries prescribed by the collective agreement. Read information and guidelines on Industrial PhD.

Financial subsidies

During the three-year term of the project, your company will receive wage subsidies from the Innovation Fund. In addition, expenses for short term stays at home and abroad, extended stays abroad, stays at foreign host universities and other expenses for the project can be reimbursed. 

It is also possible to receive subsidies for applied instruments and equipment, purchased knowledge and consultancy assistance that are inevitable for the execution of the project. These subsidies are available through either the Innovation Fund or other public authorities, see the Commission’s General Block Exemption Regulation (GBER). Read more about the financial subsidies here.


The purpose of the Industrial PhD programme is to:

  • educate researchers and give them insight into the commercial aspects of research and innovation
  • build a personal network for the exchange of research and knowledge between companies and Danish/foreign research environments
  • promote the potential of Danish companies

Contact us

Do you have questions about the Industrial PhD programme?

Contact head of section, Esben Flindt, by email or by phone 6550 4640. Here you can receive mentoring and guidance for the administrative work. Read more about the Innovation Fund, who is in charge of the programme.  

Last Updated 09.05.2019