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SDU celebrates its 50 years anniversary in 2016

The new year is going to be all about celebrating the anniversary.

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15 September 2016 is when SDU actually turns 50 - See the anniversary program.

Quite the contrary, a number of events will be held in spring and summer that are all about the university hitting the big 5-0.

Last year, a 50th anniversary committee headed by Prorector Bjarne Graabech Sørensen started planning out a series of events that would help retell the story of the 50-year old university.

Books and feature articles about the university

Two books, both of which are about the university, are on their way. A book about art at SDU will come out in spring, and an anniversary book about the university will be published later on.

The Festival of Research, which is also held in spring, will have a special influence from the anniversary this year.  As a result, the festival’s numerous visitors will have a chance to learn about the university’s research over the years.

In cooperation with Fyens Stiftstidende newspaper, we will be reprinting some of the feature articles written about the establishment of Odense University, which was the name of the university back then. An event is also being organised together with TV2Fyn.

There will also be a competition arranged for students and employees. They are invited to submit suggestions for three new quotations to be added to the 59 that are already inscribed on the stairs by the pillar in front of the main entrance to SDU in Odense.

Inviting students from back in the day

SDU will try to invite all 180 students who made up the university’s first class in 1966 to the anniversary. Teachers from back in the day will also receive invitations.

SDU also plans on serving Funen’s largest Danish brunsviger cake on the day of the anniversary.
An event will be planned for students and employees on the same day too.

The official commemoration of the 50-year anniversary will take place at the Annual University Celebration on 28 October.

A special anniversary website has been created for those who would like to stay up-to-date on the anniversary celebrations and events. Here they will also find a short, weekly anecdote that has anything and everything to do with the university’s 50-year history.

Last Updated 16.01.2018