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Animal Welfare Body at the University of Southern Denmark

At SDU an Animal Welfare Body (AWB) has been established since 2012.  The European Directive 2010/63/EU states that animal-welfare considerations should be given the highest priority in the context of animal keeping, breeding and use, and animal facilities should therefore have an animal-welfare body in place with the primary task of focusing on giving advice on animal-welfare issues. The AWB should also follow the development and outcome of projects at establishment level, foster a climate of care and provide tools for the practical application and timely implementation of recent technical and scientific developments in relation to the principles of replacement, reduction and refinement, in order to enhance the life-time experience of the animals. The AWB has a similar function as an IACUC.

The tasks of the AWB are to:

  • advise on animal welfare issues related to acquisition, housing, care and use;
  • advise on the application of the principles of replacement, reduction and refinement;
  • information on the technical and scientific developments in the field of replacement, reduction and refinement;
  • establish and execute internal operational procedures for monitoring, reporting and follow up on welfare issues of animals housed or used at the establishments;
  • monitor the development and results of the projects, taking into account the impact on the animals used and the identifications and advice on factors that may contribute to replacement, reduction and refinement, and
  • advise on planes on how animals to be re-housed or put back into a habitat or production system appropriate to the species, rehabilitation, including socialization.

The AWB at the Biomedical Laboratory consists of: 

  • Peter Bollen, head of  department, associate professor (chair)
  • Louise Langhorn, veterinarian
  • Stefanie Kolstrup, veterinarian
  • Pernille Simonsen, animal technician
  • Karina Brinkmann-Mandrupsen, animal technician
  • Michelle Paarup, animal technician
  • Ann-Britt Marcher, scientific fellow (Faculty of Natural Sciences)
  • Henrik Dimke, associate professor (Faculty of Health Sciences)
  • Peter Bie, professor emeritus (external member)

For biological and marine biological research: 

  • Magnus Wahlberg, associate professor
  • Kirstin Anderson Hansen, special consultant
  • Coen Elemans, associate professor
  • Sonja Jakobsen, laboratory technician


The AWB can be contacted via

Contact the Animal Welfare Body at SDU


Last Updated 27.10.2021