Research projects

Aging research

Elderly people may contribute with valuable knowledge of the wellbeing of today's elderly, and they are a major resource in the understanding of the natural aging processes and the prospective of having more good years of life. Our research is thematically concentrated on:

  • Aging and longevity
  • Physical and cognitive functioning 
  • Age-related diseases 

The material used has partly been collected from our own large population-based surveys: The Danish Twin Registry Infrastructure Study (DaTRIS), Longitudinal Study of Aging Danish Twins (LSADT), Middle-Aged Danish Twins (MADT) and SHARE, partly from other registers: Statistics Denmark, Landspatientregistret (National Danish Patient Registry) and Dødsårsagsregistret (Cause of Death Registry).

Twin research

Twins contribute with valuable knowledge in the study of the extent to which genes and environment affect health, functionality, diseases, longevity and other complex characteristics. Our research is thematically concentrated on:

  • Aging research
  • Health and diseases
  • Social and human science

The Danish Twin Registry represents a unique source of data for epidemiological research and many researchers at home and abroad complete projects in collaboration with the Registry.




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