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Management of People

The group’s research interests lie at the intersection of management, organization and society. We study and teach how management takes place in private and public organizations, how managing is organized and how this organization is informed by, and sustains, society. We adhere to the principles of critical scholarship that is both reflexive and constructive in exploring and suggesting new and sustainable ways of organizing our work lives and social relationships.

Our group focuses on three research areas. One area is the way people and other actors organize through communicating with one another and with external stakeholders, including the ways in which this communication is shaped by existing structures, power relations, resources and expectations. Another area is the development of conceptual and empirical tools that allow us to grasp the richness and ambiguity of the many phenomena that together constitute management, organization and society. A further research area pertains to how organizations manage people at work, from a multiple stakeholder perspective. This includes human resource management, both in domestic and international settings, frontline management, employee relations and performance management. In our work we aim at contributing to theory development, conducting rigorous empirical analyses, and providing solid research-based advice to practitioners.

The group members’ current research interests address for example:

• Alternative Forms of Organizing
• Change in public organizations
• Cognitive appraisal
• Communicational constitution of organization
• Control and resistance in organizations
• Digital technology and work
• Expatriate management
• Front line management
• Information and Communication Technologies
• Institution theory
• International Human Resource Management
• Lean organization
• Managing sport and business
• Organizational identification
• Process theory
• Workplace health management
• Work stressor-performance relationship
• Data-driven Human Resource Management


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Last Updated 06.03.2024