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Public Administration Research Group

Research focus
We conduct research at a high international level and provide relevant and useful knowledge to a wide range of societal actors in or related to the public sector.

Elected politicians, government officials, government agencies and NGOs in modern democracies face many different challenges. Everything from handling large citizen demand for services, scarce financial resources and solving complex and unresolved societal problems (wicked problems), to daily challenges such as management and governance of employees and public institutions. As a research group, we are dedicated to studying these challenges both theoretically and empirically, as well as providing research-based knowledge regarding contemporary challenges in the public sector. The members of the group focus on research topics within public governance, organization and management, employee behavior, public finances, the interaction between politicians and civil servants, citizen-state interactions, and local elections. The group's research is set in many types of public organizations, ranging from ministries to municipalities as well as other large public organizations and institutions.

Research methods
The research in the Public Administration Research Group is characterized by strong and thorough methodological approaches. We apply our strong methodological skills through a wide range of research designs and methods, ranging from quantitative experimental design, to advanced statistical techniques, to qualitative approaches such as interviews and case studies.

Knowledge sharing
We are highly committed to sharing research-based knowledge with a wider audience. We continually contribute to public debates via news media as well as professional networks. We also participate in various professional networks, independent committees and in international research consortia with societal relevance and impact. We likewise participate as experts in various public events and act as both formal and informal critics of public reports, PhD dissertations, etc.

The Public Administration Research Group is responsible for teaching at both the bachelor and master level of the Political Science programme. Members of the research group have developed and taught the following core subjects at bachelor level:

Introductory Political Science, Philosophy of Social Science and Method 1, Method 2, Method 3, Political Theory and Public Administration and Organization.

 At the master's level, the research group has developed the core subjects: Political Advice and Evaluation, Public Governance, Organization and Management as well as Advanced Quantitative Method.

The research group is further responsible for two professional master's programs in public management: Master of Public Management (MPM) and Master i offentlig ledelse (FMOL).

We offer a wide range of subjects in the professional master's programs, including Organizational Theory, Leadership and Psychosocial Work Environment, Strategic Management, Personal Leadership, Political Leadership, Management and Politics and Public Financial Management.


As a part of the strategy work at the department in 2021, the Public Administration Research Group formulated a strategy for 2022-2026

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Overview of research publications and activities

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Last Updated 19.02.2024