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CAST was established 1st April 1999 and existed until the 30th March 2015 as a research unit with a particular focus on applied health services research.

In 2015 CAST’s work was centred on the following 2 focus areas:

  • Health economic evaluations
  • User involvement in research

Furthermore, CAST employees taught on several courses at the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences (candidate and Ph.D. level).

On-going and new projects, as well as teaching, will in the future be based at at the research unit User Perspectives at Department of Public Health (IST)  and at the research programme Economic Evaluation at Centre of Health Economics Research (COHERE), respectively.

You will find information about the units as well as contact information for former CAST employees on the following links:

User Perspectives // CAST employees at User Perspectives

Economic Evaluation - a research programme under COHERE //
CAST employees af COHERE



Last Updated 01.10.2020