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Welcome to the TAL conference 2021 website

The main theme of the conference is activating teaching and active learning which are the fundamental principles at the University of Southern Denmark, SDU. The conference intends to support practitioners’ mutual inspiration and present knowledge and experiences on how students’ learning is enhanced in accordance with the fundamental principles of SDU.

The objective of the conference is to provide for the participants an opportunity to

  • share, document, demonstrate, reason and analyse their own examples of activating teaching and active learning
  • be inspired to develop their own practice of activating teaching and active learning

This year we direct our attention to Online teaching and learning during, and especially after, the Covid19 lockdown. What have we learned and what can we develop further after the re-opening? We will focus on the pedagogical, organizational and technical-administrative experiences we have gained from the re-adjusted formats of teaching, and how these experiences can be utilized after the re-opening.

Reports direct attention to the challenges concerning students’ motivation, social relations and learning, the teachers’ e-learning competencies and the challenges in terms of organizational and pedagogical planning and implementation of teaching.

On the other hand, valuable experiences have been gained, and new online teaching has been developed during the lockdown, e.g. experience with activation of students through the use of e.g. flipped learning and activating e-learning tools. Thereby, experiences gained from the re-adjusted teaching during Covid19 point in the direction of the teaching that will be implemented after the re-opening and towards the university of the future.

On the basis of these experiences, the aim of the conference is to obtain a deeper insight in different forms of activating, online teaching; in activating e-learning tools, and in how to best benefit from the advantages of both face-to-face teaching and online teaching.

The conference target group is primarily employees at the SDU and the University Colleges in the region. Meanwhile, the conference is open to everyone and abstracts and sign ups from participants from other national universities and other educational institutions are more than welcome.

The conference took place Thursday 11 November 2021 from 9 am to 4 pm, Campus Odense


Conference Proceedings - TAL2021

Book of Abstracts - TAL2021


TAL2021 will include

In the parallel sessions the presentations will focus on the following tracks:

  • TAL2021 main theme: Teaching for active learning
  • TAL2021 special focus: Activating online teaching during, and especially after, Covid19: What have we learned, and what can vi develop further after the re-opening?


We invite you to share your teaching experiences regarding:

  • Pedagogical challenges, solutions and future prospects:
    We will focus on the experiences made with good online teaching and learning activities during Covid19. How can these experiences be integrated in future teaching with a view to the students’ motivation and learning?
    • Support of the students’ motivation, social relations and learning, for example through the use of study groups
    • Flipped learning, Team-based learning
    • Other concrete examples of activating teaching activities

  • Organizational  and technical-administrative challenges, solutions and future prospects:
    What  challenges have we encountered, how where they solved, and how can we use these experiences after the re-opening?
    • Development of the teachers’ e-learning competences
    • The use of study groups
    • Evaluations on programme and/or faculty level
Conference proceedings: Speakers will subsequently have the possibility of having their contribution included in the conference proceedings.


  • Short communications: In the short communication sessions, each presenter will have 10 minutes to share an experience and reflections, followed by 10 minutes of discussion.
  • Poster presentations will be in series of 2 posters with 5 min. individual presentations followed by a 10 min. joint discussion of the 2 posters.

Students are welcome to present together with teachers from SDU, University Colleges and other educational institutions.



There will be parallel session in Danish and English. The morning keynote will be in Danish; the afternoon keynote will be in English.


09.00 Welcome
09.15     Keynote 1 - Marianne Georgsen, UCN
 10.30   Break
11.00 Parallel sessions 1
12.10 Sandwich lunch and networking
13.00 Parallel sessions 2
14.10 Break
Keynote 2 (online) - Willem van Valkenburg, TU Delft
15.45 Closing statements - Safe trip home!



SDU Centre for Teaching and Learning:

For questions of a practical nature, please contact Anne Grete Petersen,

Teaching for Active Learning - TAL2020

Resources from the TAL conference held at SDU 3 November 2020

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