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Jakob Møller-Jensen

Associate Professor, Head of Department

Phone: +45 6550 2423

Host-Microbe Interactions

Bacterial infections constitute a major cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide and pose a significant threat to human health as the spread of antibiotic resistance increases. We are interested in the molecular crosstalk that takes place between pathogenic bacteria and host cells during different stages of infection. What are the molecular determinants underlying bacterial adhesion to- and invasion of host tissue, and how do infecting pathogens adapt to the often hostile environment inside a host organism? In order to address these questions we take a multidisciplinary approach involving bacterial genetics, biochemistry, microscopy, flow cytometry and proteomics for examination of simple infection model systems.


Head of Research:  Associate Professor Jakob Møller-Jensen

Researchers and research group: Jakob Møller-Jensen Lab

A full list of publications by Jakob Møller-Jensen can be seen here.



Part of the Research section Molecular Microbiology at the Department of  Biochemistry and Molecular Biology