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Nils J. Færgeman


Phone: +45 6550 2453

Professor and principal investigator Nils Joakim Færgeman has since 2003 headed a research group at the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Southern Denmark, which has applied multidimensional approaches including proteomics, transcriptomics, lipidomics, metabolomics and microscopy to investigate the regulation of lipid signaling and lipid metabolism. Nils Joakim Færgeman received his PhD in 1997 in molecular cell biology at Odense University, and spent two years as a postdoctoral fellow in Professor Concetta DiRusso and Professor Paul Blacks laboratory at Albany Medical College in Albany, NY, USA. Nils J. Færgeman returned to University of Southern Denmark in 2000 as an assistant professor, become associate professor in 2003 and was appointed full professor in 2012. He has for many years been renowned for his contributions to the field of lipid biology and metabolism and in particular lipid mediated signaling using genetics tools in yeast, C. elegans and mice. Nils J. Færgeman is involved in numerous scientific societies and member of the educational committee within Danish Diabetes Academy. He has supervised and mentored more than 25 Master, PhD students and Post docs, and in 2009 he was honored the best teacher at the Science Faculty at University of Southern Denmark.

Head of research: Professor, PhD Nils J. Færgeman

Researchers and research group: Nils Færgeman Lab

Group webpage:  M3 - Molecular Metabolism and Metabolomics

A complete list of publications by Nils Færgeman can be found here.