Current Ph.d. projects

Andreassen, Patrick Rosendahl
Streptococcus pneumoniae: Elucidation of the structutal and genetic virulence traits
Supervisor: Jakob Møller-Jensen
Co-supervisor: Mikkel Girke Jørgensen

Bendixen, Sofie Marchsteiner
Transscriptional networks in chronic liver disease
Supervisor: Susanne Mandrup
Co-supervisor: Kim Ravnskjær

Boll, Inga
Identification of novel PTM signaling mechanisms in the active zone of nerveterminals
Supervisor: Martin Røssel Larsen

Brier, Ann-Sofie Bøgh
Transcription factors involved in defining brown and brown-in-white adipocyte gene programs
Supervisor: Susanne Mandrup

Brøner, Sabrina
mRNA regulation by SR proteins
Supervisor: Brage S. Andresen

Carvalho, Angela
YeastCell - Production of specialized fatty acids in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Supervisor: Nils J. Færgeman

Maria López Chiloeches
Exploring the role gut microbiota in colon cancer development
Supervisor: Barbara Guerra
Co-supervisor: Antoaneta Belcheva

Christensen, Lise Lolle
Global identification and characterization of in vivo binding sites for the major splicing regulatory HNRNP A/B proteins in human disease genes
Supervisor: Brage S. Andresen

Dall, Kathrine Brændgaard
Metabolic profiling of nutritional responses in metazoans using metabolomics
Supervisor: Nils J. Færgeman

Hansen, Sten Vissing Fahnøe
Unraveling ubiqtuination dependent signaling in human health and diseases
Supervisor: Blagoy Blagoev

Harvald, Eva Bang
Coordinate control of autophagy and lipid homeostasis through transcriptional regulation og lysosome - and lipid biogenesis
Supervisor: Nils J. Færgeman
Co-supervisor: Martin Røssel Larsen

Hartung, Anne-Mette
Aberrant Splicing of the ras oncogenes - A new therapeutic and diagnostic approach
Supervisor: Brage S. Andresen

Heissel, Søren
Highly-Advanced LC-MS/MS analysis for increasing the safety of vaccines
Supervisor: Peter Højrup

Hotta, Stéphanie Yuki Kolbeck
Bioimaging of human skin
Supervisor: Jonathan Brewer

Kaczmarek, Jakub Zbigniew
Early identification and inhibition of PPAD-associated rheumatold arthritis via novel IgY antibody development and scale-up
Supervisor: Peter Højrup

Kalvisa, Adrija
A genomics approach to identify transcriptional signalling networks regulating hepatic response to feeding
Supervisor: Susanne Mandrup
Co-supervisor: Lars Grøntved

Kang, Taewook
Characterisation of the signaling mechanisms underlying the release of insulin from beta cells from normal and d6/db mice after brief glucose stimulation
Supervisor: Martin Røssel Larsen

Karimi, Leena
Preclinical Characterization and In Vitro Cell Testing of Novel Nanoparticle Formulations for treatment of Breast Cancer
Supervisor: David Needham
Co-supervisor: Nils J. Færgeman

Koufogeorgou, Efthymia Ioanna
Smart capture phases for proteomics, glycomics and biomarker assays
Supervisor: Ole Nørregaard Jensen

Krogh, Thøger Jensen
Supervisor: Jakob Møller-Jensen

Kruse, Vibeke Hedeholm Kongstad
Function of the epidermal permeability barrier in whole body physiology
Supervisor: Nils J. Færgeman

Larsen, Mette
Dynamics of the enhancer interactome during mesenchymal stem cell differentiation
Supervisor: Susanne Mandrup

Madelung, Michelle
Fluorescence-based identification of host-induced bacterial virulence genes
Supervisor: Jakob Møller-Jensen

Madsen, Martin Rønn
Lineage specific effects of glucocorticoids in mesenchymal stem cell differentiation
Supervisor: Susanne Mandrup

Maibom-Thomsen, Sheila Lefoli
Novel approaches for characterization of biopharmaceutical monoclonal antibodies
Supervisor: Peter Højrup

Mandal, Komal Kumari
Application of phosphorproteomics in Immume-cell signaling
Supervisor: Martin Røssel Larsen

Markussen, Lasse Kruse
Uncovering the transcriptional network controlled by lipolysis in adipocytes
Supervisor: Susanne Mandrup

Nørgaard, Katrine
Delineate the role of Mismatch repair pathway in colon cancer development
Supervisor: Barbara Guerra
Co-supervisor: Antoaneta Belcheva

Olsen, Anne Sofie Braun
The role of sphingolipid metabolism in human disease
Supervisor: Nils J. Færgeman

Parrotta, Graziella
Novel Biotechnology-based Method for Synthesis of Important Amidated Peptide pharmaceuticals
Supervisor: Frank Kjeldsen

Præstholm, Stine Marie
Mechanisms controlling genome-wide hepatic transciptional regulation induced by endocrine signaling networks in response to feeding
Supervisor: Susanne Mandrup
Co-supervisor: Lars Grøntved

Santos, Patricia Isabel Teixeira dos
Role of non-coding sRNAs in the transmission of L. monocytogenes between environments
Supervisor: Birgitte H. Kallipolitis

Schaefer, Susanne
Exploring the role of proteinkinases in protecting cardiomyoblasts from oxidative stress
Supervisor: Barbara Guerra

Thoke, Henrik Seir
Effect of Molecular Crowding on Cellular Metabolism
Supervisor: Lars Folke Olsen

Thorsted, Bjarne
Coherent Raman Scattering Microscopy for In Vivo Diagnostics of Head and Neck Cancers
Supervisor: Jonathan Brewer

Tuneew, Inga
Elucidation of Fva regulation in vitro - characterization of Fva antibodies
Supervisor: Thomas J. D. Jørgensen

Østerli, Kari
Uncovering the molecular basis for nutitional reprogramming of pancreatic ?-cells using novel in situ and genome-wide approaches
Supervisor: Susanne Mandrup