The Biomedical Laboratory offers PhD courses in laboratory animal science and microsurgical techniques in experimental research. A course in laboratory animal science for master students in biomedicine (SU809) and experimental physiology (BB521) for the Faculty of Science is also offered.

The Biomedical Laboratory supports many other Master and PhD courses. One of these activities is a course for elite master students in experimental surgery.

In addition, the Biomedical Laboratory supports several other undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Biomedical Laboratory is involved in the organization of elite specialized in experimental surgery for medical students.

The course in laboratory animal science is compulsory for those wishing to work with animal research. Qualification requirements are described in Danish and European law. Persons seeking permission to perform animal research have to attend a EU function ADB, whereas persons participating in animal research have to attend a EU function AD.

The laboratory animal science ABD meet the qualification requirements for persons responsible for animal experiments. This course lasts 5 days and is partly based on self-study via e-learning.

Courses in laboratory animal science are held in the following weeks of 2018:

• Week 9: PhD course (EU function ABD)

• Week 22: SU809 course (EU function AD)

• Week 34: SU809 course (EU function AD)
• Week 47: PhD course (EU function ABD)
• Week 49: SU809 course (EU function AD)

An expansion course EU function B is offered as an individual e-learn course for with an EU function AD qualification. Moreover, a course in mouse surgery is held in week 40. Please see the links to the course descriptions at the bottom of this page.

For more information on the courses contact the course organizer Peter Bollen (tel. +45 6550 3798,

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