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Surgery facilities

Surgery facilities include a suite for small mammal surgery and a section for large animal surgery.

The suite for small mammals has five working places with an operation microscope. An anaesthesia room and recovery room are available near the surgery suite. Facilities for both injection and inhalation anaesthesia are present. Oxygen and heath pads are available at each working place, as well as generators for diathermia.

The section for large animal surgery consists of two surgeries with ancillary rooms. Instruments for operative and laparoscopic intervention are available. Imaging possibilities are fluorescence (Ziehm Exposcop), x-ray (Siemens Polymobil) and ultrasonography (Toshiba Powervision 6000). The surgery facilities can be used for surgical training for groups of 12-16 persons.

Possibilities for infusion and inhalation anaesthesia are present, and vital sign can be recorder centrally on a PC for documentation or research purposes. Anaesthesia of large animals always requires assistance from the staff.

For more information on the use of surgery facilities please contact the veterinarian at the Biomedical Laboratory, Louise Langhorn,


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Last Updated 18.02.2021