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Occupational health

To ensure a safe working environment, investigators have to adhere to a number of guidelines when working with laboratory animals. The occupational health group at the Biomedical Laboratory should always be contacted before using radioactive substances, biological agents or hazardous substances at the laboratory, to help you with planning your experiments in a safe way, and securing a sound working environment for all employees at the Biomedical Laboratory.

Members of the occupational health group:
Acting head of Department  Jesper Stæhr,, tel. 6550 3723, 
Animal Technician Anne Mette Durand, tel. 6550 3567,

Prevention of allergy:
Access to the rodent facilities is only possible through the staff lock, where coveralls, hairnet and dedicated footwear are to be taken on. Gloves are to be used when handling animals. It is recommended that persons with a known allergy or hypersensitivity wear a facemask. Hands are always to be washed before leaving the animal department.

Use of radioactive substances:
The use of radioactive substances is permitted only in approved rooms, and has to be approved by the occupational health group.

Use of the biological agents:
At the Biomedical Laboratory a BSL class 2 laboratory is available, where animals can be treated with class 2 biological agent. A preparation laboratory is not present, so samples with biological agents need to be prepared in another laboratory and transported securely to the Biomedical Laboratory. The use of biological agent has to be approved by the occupational health. A biological APV (work space assessment) has to be filled out before starting the work. Working with micro-organisms in risk BSL class 2, 3 or 4 must be reported to the Occupational Health Inspectorate (AT, Arbejdstilsynet) within 30 days before the start of the work. AT does not issue a license for the work, but merely sends a notification.

Use of hazardous substances:
The use of hazardous substances such as carcinogens, toxic substances, cancer cells and other cell lines has to be approved by the occupational health group. A chemical APV (work space assessment) has to be filled out before starting the work.

Labeling of substances:
All substances used at the Biomedical Laboratory must be labeled with substance name, user name and date of use. In addition, substances with risk factors need to be labeled with the appropriate risk label. After completion of a project, users must remove and discard remains of substances themselves. Laboratory technician Vivi Monrad, tel. 6550 3724, can assist with this. 

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Last Updated 22.08.2023