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Rules of access

Access to the Biomedical Laboratory is only allowed for qualified persons involved in animal experiments. The qualification is achieved by participation in a relevant course in laboratory animal science. Access to the Biomedical Laboratory obtained from the secretariat (

Access Rules:
Access to the stable area is only permitted wearing coveralls, haircap and dedicated footwear. Coats and bags must not be brought into the animal housing area, and consumption of food and beverages are not allowed in animal housing and laboratory areas. There is no access for children. 


After visiting other animal facilities, a period of 24 hours of quarantine has to be taken into account. This means that it is not allowed to enter the Biomedical Laboratory the day after you have been into another animal research facility. 

Start of projects:
Before the start of a new research project a Project Agreement Form (PAF) has to be filled out. The PAF is a help for planning and organizing animal experiments. It helps by clarifying whether the necessary permits have been obtained, determines the space requirements and need for possible assistance, as well mapping possible risks for the working environment. The Project Agreement Form has to be submitted to acting head of department  Jesper Stæhr, 

It is possible to request assistance for sampling, dosages, etc. from the staff at the Biomedical Laboratory. Generally researchers perform their own experiments, and have the responsibility to clear up in the laboratory after themselves, including cleaning of instruments and laboratory equipment.

Housing of animals and other services are billed on a cost-recovery basis. Costs are billed monthly. A price list is available from the SDU-Net. 


Last Updated 08.11.2023