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TEK startup winner of the Venture Cup National Startup Competition

humAId from Syddansk Universitet - University of Southern Denmark ended up as the overall winner of National Startup Competition 2022.

By Sune Holst, , 6/23/2022

Founders Mads Lorentzen and Mikkel Bytoft Rasmussen have developed a digital AI-based sign language translation service. It can be used directly on the deaf person's smartphone, allowing for much more flexibility, mobility and many more hours of translation for deaf people. humAId competed against a strong field of startups.
Still, they convinced the VIP jury Stine Mølgaard Sørensen, Stephan Christgau and Sune Alstrup (Johansen) with their fantastic performance and pitch
"It is a great honour to win the main prize in this year's Venture Cup. The competition offered an extremely high level with many talented startups, so we did not dare to hope that we could do it. The whole process has been good, and we have learned much from each other. I am sure that all startups are in a better place than before the competition. We are just looking forward to returning to the development work and giving it full engineering throttle," says Mads Lorentzen.

humAId not only won the main prize but also ran with the victory in the category 'Social'. It was also a TEK success in the category 'Product', where Hydrovertic received the first prize and 10,000 kroner.

And then WeUse, which also originated from the Faculty of Engineering, reached the semifinals!

Also, congratulations to Pascal Gyldenberg and Thomas Bernhard, who have whipped SDU startups through pitch training.
Editing was completed: 23.06.2022