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Reinventing higher education: hyper flexible education

Over the coming years, SDU will experiment with new teaching methods. Vice-Chancellor Henrik Dam explains why and how SDU will develop the way the university organize education.

Why spend 5 years on a university degree, if you can finish in 4?

This question induces SDU to try out new formats and teaching methods to ensure greater flexibility and to strengthen the opportunity among students to specialize during their studies.

Vice-Chancellor Henrik Dam talks about the idea and ambitions behind “Reinventing higher education”:

- What’s most important is to create a hyper flexible education made up of many small elements. I envisage education which is open 24/7 365. I.e. you have access to education whenever you want. Corresponding to your demands on modern society. I envisage education flexible enough for you to be able to organize your programme whereas today we’re very structured.

Watch the interview with Henrik Dam, Vice-Chancellor of SDU:



Journalism will develop the prototype

The new ideas and teaching methods will be tested and developed at the MA programme in Journalism, and the experiences will then be applied to other SDU programmes.

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